Monday, April 4, 2011

Besides make up & beauty.

Besides make up & beauty i thought i would get a little off topic. 

Red Box movie rental is a kiosk run movie rental company. There rentals are $1 for one day. it's pretty amazing. They have Red Boxes all over & they are spreading because of their popularity. I posted a link on my blog to the Right that has the link you can click to reserve a movie at a kiosk nearest to you & if you do the 1st online rental is free :] & then i get one free <3 spread the word.

I'm in College & books are so expensive. My textbook bill ran up to over a $1,000 easy. however, i found out about textbook rental companys & i am currently apart of one to give out a discount i love this site. it's & with my code it will give you 5% off your purchase and if you decide to sell to them then use my code for $5 extra it's EE15861. spread the word :) 

okay enough of that.

im so excited for my straightener to come in tomorrow woooooooooooo. 
& also i recieved pro care curling iron but i dont even think their sold anymore its about 1.5 inch it works amazing. it gives me a kim kardashian flow.

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