Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Straightener Review!

Hey guys,
   I Purchased Babyliss Pro straightener. I had the coroliss pink one before & it was due time for a new one. because the cord was messing up! :( so now im smarter when i purchase my items.
goes up to 450 degrees
it has a swivel cord which is very important
it's 2.5 inch wide which lessens the time of you doing your hair 
it has a graph of what heat level to put it up to depending on hair (on the box) 
for example i can go up too 430 degrees because i have curly hair
A three year warranty
Porcelain creates shiny, Smooth finish
Porcelain emits negative ions that smooth an relax hair
Porcelain Renews and revitalizes hair's shine
Porcelain generates far-infrared heat to protect hair's luster.

plus: if you order it from you can get it for about $40 ( if you sign up for amazon student its free two day shipping)
if you get it from a local store that sells it it can range to be $60-$90 bucks. so amazon deff wins.
i love it and for now i do not have any Cons. 

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