Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AH i'm back :]

Hey everyone! 
i'm sorry i've been off this is such a long time.
To be honest, i forgot my log-in & password. yes. -_-

but now im back & better than ever! 
i have tons of topics to discuss so definitely keep checking up!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


R.I.P to the lives lost by this horrible person

This will be a day in history
The monster is dead 5.1.11!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning Spanish?

Hey everyone so i really want to learn spanish and plus i have alot of free time on my hands so i thought this would be a great moment to start.  So i came across this Blog/youtube video... Idk i'm debating onn if its a good investment I'm guessing there is this girl from spain that sells MP3s and Videos for $5 -$15 bucks hmmm so far its pretty good she supplys a few lessons for free before you consider buying it. I need to find my IPOD before i decide to do this haha! :)

but anyway this is the site 
Beginner Spanish MP3 Course (Part 1)Buy Now!

Beginner Spanish MP3 Course (Part 2) Buy Now!

Beginner Spanish MP3 Course (Part 3)Buy Now!

Beginner Spanish MP3 Course (Part 4)Buy Now!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rent a Dress !

Okay so i was sitting down talking to my mom & she tells me about this Site that allows you to rent dresses at first i was like what the hell but i took a look at the site for myself! Designer DRESSES ! 
dresses that are hundreds & thousands of dollars at a rental price for only $50-$300 amazing. I wish i heard about this site at Prom time, this is perfect for one time wedding occasions too. I don't have any occasion to go to now but i wish i did i would so use this site i swear. they even have handbags, jewelry and accessories to rent. whoever thought of this idea bravoooo! ... :( i wish i had somewhere to where a dress too.

Oh and if your worried about oh what if i stain it or break the zipper they have a $5 cover charge for the dress. I CAN NOT WAIT TO USE THIS SITE! OMG.

The site is www.renttherunway.com

They sent me a E-mail with how they work.


Delivering to you before your special event
is our #1 priority. We guarantee delivery to
your doorstep on the date that you request.
We recommend that you have your dresses
arrive 1-2 days prior to your event.


Yes! Less than 1% of our customers have fit issues. Why?
First, we always send you asecond size in whatever dress
you order absolutely free.
Second, our team of stylists are
the experts. Call them at 1-800-509-0842.

In the unlikely event your dress doesn't fit when you receive it,
we'll ship you another one prior to your event - no matter what!


We will never, ever leave you without
something fabulous to wear. Fashion
emergencies are our specialty.


We only ship dresses that receive a 100% fresh seal of
approval from our eco-friendly, luxury dry cleaner. The
minute a dress looks worn, we retire it from our collection.
If we wouldn't wear it, you won't wear it.


Don't sweat the small stuff. Our $5
insurance covers you if you spill
some wine, stick a zipper or lose a
stone on an accessory. Party on!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

what not to buy at Forever 21

okay so my favorite store is Forever 21 ;] i love this store so much 
i actually found a article on them its kinda of upsetting but the goods make me smile in the end ;)
what's worth buying at Forever 21 & what isn't ! 

What not to buy at Forever 21

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Straightener Review!

Hey guys,
   I Purchased Babyliss Pro straightener. I had the coroliss pink one before & it was due time for a new one. because the cord was messing up! :( so now im smarter when i purchase my items.
goes up to 450 degrees
it has a swivel cord which is very important
it's 2.5 inch wide which lessens the time of you doing your hair 
it has a graph of what heat level to put it up to depending on hair (on the box) 
for example i can go up too 430 degrees because i have curly hair
A three year warranty
Porcelain creates shiny, Smooth finish
Porcelain emits negative ions that smooth an relax hair
Porcelain Renews and revitalizes hair's shine
Porcelain generates far-infrared heat to protect hair's luster.

plus: if you order it from amazon.com you can get it for about $40 ( if you sign up for amazon student its free two day shipping)
if you get it from a local store that sells it it can range to be $60-$90 bucks. so amazon deff wins.
i love it and for now i do not have any Cons. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Besides make up & beauty.

Besides make up & beauty i thought i would get a little off topic. 

Red Box movie rental is a kiosk run movie rental company. There rentals are $1 for one day. it's pretty amazing. They have Red Boxes all over & they are spreading because of their popularity. I posted a link on my blog to the Right that has the link you can click to reserve a movie at a kiosk nearest to you & if you do the 1st online rental is free :] & then i get one free <3 spread the word.

I'm in College & books are so expensive. My textbook bill ran up to over a $1,000 easy. however, i found out about textbook rental companys & i am currently apart of one to give out a discount i love this site. it's Ecampus.com & with my code it will give you 5% off your purchase and if you decide to sell to them then use my code for $5 extra it's EE15861. spread the word :) 

okay enough of that.

im so excited for my straightener to come in tomorrow woooooooooooo. 
& also i recieved pro care curling iron but i dont even think their sold anymore its about 1.5 inch it works amazing. it gives me a kim kardashian flow.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cheap & Affordable brushes

Hey Everyone i'm here to show you my brush collection i just started and this is also my e.l.f Haul 
i'm going to tell you what brush is used for what from left to right. The best part about these brush is there extremely cheap!
1. Eyebrow Brush [$1] 
 2. Total Face Brush [$1] 
3. Fan Brush [$3] (used to brush excess shadow that's fallen on face & cheek) 
4. Foundation brush [$1] its like painting your face when applying foundation its cool
 5. Lip Brush [$1] 
6. Kabuki brush [$5]  for powers or whatever use you pick 
7. [$3] Blush Brush
8. Crease brush [$1] for eyelids 
9. [$1] defining brush for eyes usually under brow bone
 10.[$1] Eyelid brush to apply shadow to lids
you can get them at this website!

seriously though this website is the best the highest item i think is $6. <3
theres a tip for you :) 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Graduation Pictures

I'm taking my Graduation pictures soon & i want to look stunning in them so i looked thru youtube and i really love this one. This look was for the girls engagement pictures so you really can do it for whatever formal picture day you want! i hope you like it !

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to do your eyebrows on your own!

Hey everyone,

   i personally spend $6-8 bucks on my eyebrows alone. I really love how they do my eyebrow
s however i was looking for a way to do my eyebrows on my own in order to save money in the long run the average time people go to get their eyebrows in my opinion is about once a month and even thought it doesn't seem that much you can save anywhere from 70-100 bucks depending on how much tip you give. It adds up. i found a couple of videos Via youtube to help us out! :) 

i like this video alot and i actually followed it!

I personally have never tried threading but im going to try after seeing this video

Here are some items that the first video mentioned! 
i actually have this one & it can be found at Target for only a $1 :] i tried to upload a picture but like i said in my other posts my uploader isn't working! :( 

there are cheaper tweezerman ones but these are really cute :] 

i have one of these too i actually really like it for when im on a go! 

I know some people have very thin eyebrows & rather draw their eyebrows in so ill post a video just for you because i personally have thick eyebrows and don't draw mine in but it's still fine too 

Monday, March 21, 2011

i'm back :)

Hey everyone,
   ahhh i wrote my report & was too tired to even write a blog ahhhhhh. then i went away to ski this weekend for the first time & it was crazy. i don't even know how to sum up the weekend it was alot of fun & something new :]
 how is everyone doing?
okay this is something i wasen't able to do before but here it is!
I received my Coastal Scents 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Neutral in the mail!! it looks so pretty

i was trying to upload my own photos but it failed hopefully i can get some tomorrow so you get more of idea of what the colors look like. I absolutely LOVE this. it's very nice for day time natural looks its very sexy and chic. I personally think that it is a must have. I love colors but i love toning the make up down during the day personally. I even went out for St. Patty's Day [i'm not irish] and followed a tutorial for my make up with this palette :) it looked fabulous. 

if you want to buy it use this link :] plus if your a Student sign up for Amazon Student for FREE to sign up for free 2 day shipping! :] 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good & Bad News.

I bought and received tons of items today :] !! 
& i'm going to have a Fabulous haul blog for you 

i have a huge paper and movie analysis to do & will have to put the blogging on a hold tonight :(
but i'll be back shortly to write you a good one.
Lynnie <3 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My personal few favorite stores are:
Charlotte Russe & Forever 21.
SPRING IS COMING! & you know what that means SALE SALE SALE.
i checked out there website & the arrivals & sales are posted. 

Tip: Always check out the SALE items before you go into the regular priced ones if you want to get more for your $buck$

Im supposed to be going shopping tomorrow hopefully i pick up a few good things to blog about.
Still haven't received my elf products or my Coastal scents palette! 
ahh but shortly everyone :] 

What's your favorite store?! xoxo

Random picture that i love.

Kim Kardashian. 


i absolutely LOVE these nails. 
There hott, very trendy & fashionable. 
Looks like i just came out of a salon.
I would deff. recommend to anyone !
i will deff be buying more! 
they last a week. 
i watched this tutorial in order to make sure i was applying them right! :) 

Step 1: buff nails
Step2: Push back cuticles
Step 3: Match up fake nails with real nails
Step 4: Put glue on real nail (make sure its all around the nail) ; then put glue on fake nail (about a drop) then Press tight for a few seconds to secure!
Step 5: depending if you have nails with tab ; remove tab then file top till smooth.

Finished product:


Okay so i went to CVS today & picked up Nailene fake nails with a zebra french tip design. 
I decided to purchase this product to actually see if it's worth it it came out to a total of $6.50 and has 24 nails & 12 sizes! i absolutely can't wait to tell you a review on how this product is. I personally go to the nail salon and blow $30 bucks easy for acrylic tips and i am really trying to find a alternative that i can save $$$. because i am all about SAVING MONEY. <3 so i will let you know soon how it goes :) 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Product suggestions

I'm currently brainstorming on daily suggestions and discussions i can bring up in this blog. I will soon have a few items that i would be able to give you my personal opinions on. I really am a bargain hunter when it comes to make-up, jewelry and clothing etc. I recently ordered a few items that i am awaiting SO PATIENTLY to arrive in the mail. 
I recently watched a few videos on Youtube & fell in love with Coastal Scents 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Neutral and had to buy it. i bought it from amazon because it saved me a few bucks. Also, i purchased Revlon Grow Luscious By Fabulash, 001 Blackest Black, 0.38-Ounce (also i bought on Amazon because it was cheaper). I suggest also if your a current student to sign up for Amazon Student because it gives you Free Two day shipping its the best i didn't realize it till two weeks ago and i can't even tell you how long i've been using amazon ugh! 

I decided to buy these two because of this video :

& her video below of Kim Kardashian contains the neutral scents palette.
& i like this video with coastal scents neutral as well

yours truly, lynnie xoxo

The Kim Kardashian Look

Kim Kardashian wears many faces of beautiful make up & i am here to show you a few videos i absolutely love. Also, i absolutely love the way she does her hair so i will post a video or two on her hair from youtube as well enjoy! :) Watch the video & learn a few new ways to get your face just like she does. The youtuber is not me but one of my favorites to watch in order to figure out for myself how to accomplish these looks.  
smokey for brown eyes
Neutral smokey eyes
Loose curls 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hello everyone! :) 
      I really wanted to make this Blog to give plenty of information for those who love clothing, hair and make up. I will post about reviews i want to give about Items from all kinds of brands & places. Also, ill be posting videos from youtube of my favorite tutorials & after awhile i plan to launch my own Youtube Channel if i am successful with this blog. I'm open to your opinions and i will gladly provide information of anything you suggest! so please feel free to comment and friend me. :] If you are addicted to beauty, make -up, hair & clothes you have came to the right place. 

" I love the confidence make up gives me."
- Tyra Banks