Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cheap & Affordable brushes

Hey Everyone i'm here to show you my brush collection i just started and this is also my e.l.f Haul 
i'm going to tell you what brush is used for what from left to right. The best part about these brush is there extremely cheap!
1. Eyebrow Brush [$1] 
 2. Total Face Brush [$1] 
3. Fan Brush [$3] (used to brush excess shadow that's fallen on face & cheek) 
4. Foundation brush [$1] its like painting your face when applying foundation its cool
 5. Lip Brush [$1] 
6. Kabuki brush [$5]  for powers or whatever use you pick 
7. [$3] Blush Brush
8. Crease brush [$1] for eyelids 
9. [$1] defining brush for eyes usually under brow bone
 10.[$1] Eyelid brush to apply shadow to lids
you can get them at this website!

seriously though this website is the best the highest item i think is $6. <3
theres a tip for you :) 

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