Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to do your eyebrows on your own!

Hey everyone,

   i personally spend $6-8 bucks on my eyebrows alone. I really love how they do my eyebrow
s however i was looking for a way to do my eyebrows on my own in order to save money in the long run the average time people go to get their eyebrows in my opinion is about once a month and even thought it doesn't seem that much you can save anywhere from 70-100 bucks depending on how much tip you give. It adds up. i found a couple of videos Via youtube to help us out! :) 

i like this video alot and i actually followed it!

I personally have never tried threading but im going to try after seeing this video

Here are some items that the first video mentioned! 
i actually have this one & it can be found at Target for only a $1 :] i tried to upload a picture but like i said in my other posts my uploader isn't working! :( 

there are cheaper tweezerman ones but these are really cute :] 

i have one of these too i actually really like it for when im on a go! 

I know some people have very thin eyebrows & rather draw their eyebrows in so ill post a video just for you because i personally have thick eyebrows and don't draw mine in but it's still fine too 

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