Monday, March 14, 2011

Product suggestions

I'm currently brainstorming on daily suggestions and discussions i can bring up in this blog. I will soon have a few items that i would be able to give you my personal opinions on. I really am a bargain hunter when it comes to make-up, jewelry and clothing etc. I recently ordered a few items that i am awaiting SO PATIENTLY to arrive in the mail. 
I recently watched a few videos on Youtube & fell in love with Coastal Scents 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Neutral and had to buy it. i bought it from amazon because it saved me a few bucks. Also, i purchased Revlon Grow Luscious By Fabulash, 001 Blackest Black, 0.38-Ounce (also i bought on Amazon because it was cheaper). I suggest also if your a current student to sign up for Amazon Student because it gives you Free Two day shipping its the best i didn't realize it till two weeks ago and i can't even tell you how long i've been using amazon ugh! 

I decided to buy these two because of this video :

& her video below of Kim Kardashian contains the neutral scents palette.
& i like this video with coastal scents neutral as well

yours truly, lynnie xoxo

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